Integrating Social Responsibility to Your Business


Good things are happening in the business world as we became aware of our social responsibilities as an organization. Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility to your business will help not only help the community but also helps your company’s vision to grow. Based on the feedback we get from companies who practice corporate social responsibility, it helped them to be united and driven to do better not only in business but also as individuals seeking true purpose. Corporate social responsibility could be a stretch for some companies as funds have to be allocated to support the advocacy. But it should never be an hindrance to your company’s growth and success.

Creating a Program

Part of integrating corporate social responsibility is to create a program. First, decide which sectors who would benefit your company’s funds. It is best to support sectors that are related to your business because its easier to find contacts. For example, Coke is one of the biggest beverage companies in the business world today. They use water as one of their resources to generate products. Coca Cola has participated in protecting water resources because they have a clear understanding that without water, there will be no coke. It’s easier to help non-profit organizations if you agree with their advocacy. On the given example, it’s a win win  situation because Coca Cola company was able to help in protecting water resources and at the same time they were able to ensure that the resource they use in their business is being taken cared of which means their business will thrive in the future.

Encourage Members to Participate

Corporate social responsibility can be a uniting factor in your company if it was executed properly. The proper distribution of communication is the key for a successful execution of the plans you have in mind for corporate social responsibility campaigns and programs. Encourage everyone to be part of something bigger. May it be donation, volunteering, planning, and sharing of skills. Make them understand who will benefit from their involvement and what difference they can make.

Use the Power of Social Media

We all know that social media has created impacts to our businesses. It helped small businesses to grow and compete in the market. The social media can also be used in integrating corporate social responsibility programs. The intention behind this is to get all your members have an access to the program outside the office. Create posters and campaign ads that promotes their participation. It can also be used in documenting the event itself. For example, your company participated in reach out programs and many of your members volunteered to feed homeless families. Assign a documentation team who would take pictures on what happened that day. So the pictures will speak for itself of what difference you made in the community. It will encourage participants for the next event.

Integrity and Transparency

Always remember that corporate social responsibility programs should be transparent. Let the members know how the funds were spent and where did it go. That’s the reason why we encourage everyone to assign a documentation team for two reasons: 1. To promote participants for the next event. 2. It is a proof that something was actually done to help the community.

Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility



Many businesses have embraced corporate social responsibility (CSR) over the years. The programs may differ across companies with some setting up their own grant management process while others picking different non-profit organizations and projects to support. Some may also choose to donate money while others opt for funding through matching gift programs. Whatever the approach may be, CSR has proven to be a good investment for businesses who have gotten on board. Here are just some of the top reasons why an excellent CSR policy and program can be a huge boost for business.

Employee engagement.
A program that aims to give back to society and the environment or is focused on sustainability is a positive step that gets many employees on board. It provides a venue for those who are interested to do their part in whatever small ways to give their time and resources to support a worthwhile cause. Many employees volunteer in projects which makes way for opportunities to work with people from within and outside the company.

Attracts talent. Many of the best talents are attracted to companies that share their values. CSR can be an added lure to talents who can be great additions to the company.

Builds positive public image. CSR can provide a huge boost to a company’s image over time. It builds trust not just with the business’ stakeholders including investors and employees but also with customers. And a well-sustained program and its impact can inspire more support.

Remember These When Building A New Establishment


As a business owner, it won’t really be a sweat for you to build a new establishment.

All you have to do is make sure you have the funds, as well as contracted the right kind of suppliers and contacted the right kind of people.

But just like how any other business in the world goes, there are some things a business owner should never forget about – no matter what happens.

Remember these when building a new establishment:


Having the funds required to build a new establishment is useless if every single move you did just to continue with the project is illegal. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that every step you take strictly abides to every city ordinance for new establishments and every transaction you make strictly abides to every city law for building projects.


So, you’ve already contracted the right kind of suppliers. But the question is, how sure are you regarding the quality of their materials and tools? As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that ever material being used strictly adheres to every building standard for new establishments and every tool being used strictly adheres to every equipment standard for building projects.


Building a new establishment isn’t something done overnight. It involves careful planning, meticulous analyzing, and the likes just to get it done as per every standard known within the industrial sector. Thus, it’s only right for you to value trustworthiness – especially when it comes to people whom you set out to do the job.

Do you agree with these points? Why or why not?

Any other reminders when building a new establishment? Share them with us below!

P.S. Have a Sunrise inspection to make sure that your new establishment is all good for use right away.