7 Times Square


7 Times Square is built in 2004 and located in the heart of New York city district. It is currently an active leasing building with 49 floors. Right now, our building caters to private businesses. To see the full listing of the companies that lease our buiding, visit: property.compstak.com.


New York City has impeccable rules and regulations to ensure that all buildings are environment friendly and have safety features to protect the tenants and the people of New York. 7 Times Square is certified by LEED rating system, meaning the buiding adheres to all rules and regulations of the state. LEED Stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. United States Green Building Council (USGBC) created the LEED rating system having the environment and market transformation in mind. It ensures that every newly built buildings can adapt to the acceleration of programs concerning green building practices. Visit usgbc.org for more information on what are the qualifications in order to pass LEED.

Leasing Price:

7 Times Square offers  competitive leasing pricing rate. The pricing is based on which floors to be leased and the facilities available on each floor. The average pricing could be $6.50 per square feet but still may change depending on the terms. Check www.agorafy.com to see the building’s leasing activity to gain more idea about the pricing.

How to Lease:

We look forward to good business transactions and trying to avoid any complications. Know how to lease a commercial establishment by going to: www.nyc.gov. Send us and email if you have questions.