Giving Back

girl holding a mirror ball

Taking Care of Our Envrionment

Since the building was fully established in 2004, we’ve been blessed to work with companies and be able to cater to their leasing needs. 7 Square was also recognized by different environmental organizations like, and  for pursuing green methods to lessen the waste being produced from day-to-day operation.

Encouraging Reach Out Programs

7 Square wants to give back to the community by participating to reach out programs. New York has two-sided face, wealth and poverty. We may see the glamour of New York and be astound by tall buildings and establishments. We could see people wear designer clothing but there families who can’t even afford to bring food on the table. 7 Square notices those people who are in need. And we don’t just notice them, we take action. Part of our earnings every year goes to non-profit organizations to extend our help to those people. We believe that businesses should not only focus on profit but also help improving lives.

Newman’s Own Foundation

Miracle Foundation

Family Promise

Working Towards Better Future

One of the problems our country is facing today is lack of education. The children is the hope of our future, without them there would be no next generation. We always need to keep in mind that their future is our future. For that reason, 7 Square helps promote build a brighter future for children who have dreams. Our organization choose deserving scholars who will benefit financial aid programs and educational plans from us.

Let’s build a great future together. If we work as a nation, nothing will stop us in achieving our goals for a better community, and hopefully, better world.